Milestone of Astragraphia

1971 : Started its business as Xerox division at PT Astra International as a provider of office equipment services.

1975 : on October 31, esstablished as a legal entity separate from PT Astra International under the name of PT Astra Xerox.

1976 : on April 22, became the exclusive distributor for Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. Japan to market, lease and provide after-sales services of Fuji Xerox products in Indonesia.

1989 : on November 15, isted its shares in Indonesia Stock Exchange with ticker: ASGR.

1991 : Establishment of PT Astra Microtronics Technology.

1992 : Establishment of PT Digital Astra Nusantara, a joint venture of PT Astra Graphia and Digital Equipment Corporation.

1996 : Takeover of all shares (merged with) PT Mitracorp Footwear International.

1997 : on July 16, Change the name of PT Astra Graphia to PT Astra Graphia Tbk to comply with the Company Law No. 1Year 1995.

1998 : Sale of all of the Company’s shares in PT Digital Astra Nusantara and PT Astra Microtronics Technology.

2004 : IT Business Solution division spin off as PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies, a joint venture with Singapore Computer Systems (SCS) Limited.

2008 : Buyback of all shares belonging to SCS Limited in PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies, and change of name of PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies to PT Astra Graphia Information Technology.

2011 : Establishment of PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia, a joint venture of PT Astra Graphia Information Technology and Monitise Asia Pacific Ltd., Hong Kong.

2014 : On February 14,  Establishment of PT Astra Graphia Xprins Indonesia, a spin-off of the Xprins division and Company’s Mobile Services Operation.  Sale of all shares of PT Astra Graphia Information Technology in PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia to Monitise Plc, United Kingdom.

2016 : Astragraphia entered online business (e-commerce) by establishing

2019 : on April 22, Astragraphia was appointed as an official distributor by PT FUJIFILM Indonesia to market and provide after-sales services for its range of digital offset printing products in all regions of Indonesia.