Company Policy

Preferred Partner in Document and Information Technology Business Solution based on DICT (Document, Information and Communication Technology) through:  

  1. Providing high valued services and solutions to Customer.  
  2. Developing competencies and market competitiveness.  
  3. Implementing and review Standard Operating Procedures,Legislations and Others Requirement related to Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System and Security Management System by continuously improving the quality of process and the result.
  4. Participating and involving all parties to maintain and improve Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Awareness Program, Security Management System, Social Responsibility and Prevention of Environmental Polution and Work Incidents.  
  5. Fostering cooperation and harmonization of  industrial relationship.  

This Policy is applied to all employees in order to achieve a sustainable business with partner (customer/vendor) as well as full control of the working activity, security safety and healthy working environment.    


Jakarta, 29 September 2014