Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is an individual person or person in charge within the working unit that conducts the corporate secretarial function. The duties of the Corporate Secretary are, among others, (i) to assure the legal compliance of the Company to the prevailing rules and regulations, especially the capital market regulations, (ii) to assist the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners in conducting the corporate governance, and (iii) to act as a liaison between the Company, shareholders, Financial Services Authority of the Republic of Indonesia and other stakeholders.

Melinda Pudjo

An Indonesian citizen, appointed as the Corporate Secretary on 18 June 2020. Started to join PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) in 2009 as Marketing analyst, until reaching the managerial position as Head of Channel Operation and Development in 2013. Assigned successively at subsidiaries, PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia dan PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT), to serve as Head of Marketing. She was re-assigned to Astragraphia in 2019 as Head of Corporate Communications and a year later promoted to Chief of Corporate Secretary and Communications. In February 2021, her scope of responsibilities was expanded and she was entrusted with holding the position of Chief of Corporate Secretary, Legal, and Corporate Communications. Obtained a bachelor's degree in economics from the Faculty of Economics, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, as well as completed General Management Program from NUS Business School, Singapore