Social Community Development

Astragraphia is committed to participate in contributing towards sustainable development in society based on the application of the first pillar of the company's culture, that wherever Astragraphia is located will bring benefits to the community and the surrounding environment.
The implementation of social development programs is based on the aim to build smart and prosperous communities through technology and competencies held by Astragraphia. The Competence Aid Program (CAP) and distribution of activity books for early childhood children became Astragraphia's flagship program in the field of educational development in 2019.


Astra Friendly Company

Astragraphia applies the Astra Friendly Company (AFC) guidelines in implementing social responsibility (CSR). With this guideline, Astragraphia can implement CSR work programs systematically by considering the rights of stakeholders.
AFC has been prepared with reference to various national or international standards or guidelines. AFC criteria consist of management systems (consisting of value pillars, mindset, and behavior), CSR program implementation, community perceptions and donations. The implementation of AFC is carried out by conducting regular AFC audits by Astra.


Management's Targets / Action Plans

For 2020, we plan several social development activities in the form of:
1. Printing and distributing activity books for early childhood in areas in need.
2. Digital library development to provide easier access to wider education.
3. Continuing and expanding the implementation of the Competence Aid Program (CAP), providing information technology education for vocational school students to the University.
4. Training on document processing and information technology for MSMEs to support the growth of Indonesia's creative economy.
5. Astragraphia employee blood donations are carried out four times a year.
6. Donations for the surrounding community.

Implementation of Activities / Types of Programs

Use of Local Labor

Astragraphia operates in 32 branch offices throughout Indonesia. In the recruitment process Astragraphia employees prioritize opportunities for the local community.

Empowerment of Surrounding Communities

In commemoration of World Environment Day 2019, Astragraphia and the Astra group together with communities around the Astragraphia operational area in Bali and the Denpasar City Environment and Hygiene Office (DLHK) participated in the Plastic Waste Environmental Reduction Cleanliness Program. In addition, in 2019, Astragraphia also opened opportunities for people in the Astragraphia operational area in the head office and branch area to participate in the Competence Aid Program (CAP).


Realization of CSR Activities

1. The realization of Astragraphia's CSR activities is mainly focused on two main pillars of Education and the Environment: Workbook (children's activity book). Entering the third year, as many as 3000 Workbook books (children's activity books) were distributed in the regions of Java, Bogor, Denpasar and Flores. On this occasion Astragraphia in collaboration with SOS Children Village held teacher training in Jogyakarta and Semarang City, which was attended by a total of 86 teachers. The training discussed creative learning for early childhood (PAUD), where one of the materials was a workbook. It is expected that with the teaching of the teacher (train the trainer) PAUD students who are exposed to more and more.

2. Astragraphia's CAP (Competence Aid Program), is a knowledge sharing activity carried out by Astragraphia employees who have competence in the field of document and information technology solutions. These competencies were provided for vocational students to universities, with the aim that they could be better prepared to enter the workforce. During 2019, Astragraphia has provided digital printing competency training to 10 students of Putera Village Graphic School, 8 students of SMKN 7, and 4 teachers of SMKN 7. This year we also teach at the Bogor INFOKOM Vocational School specifically for the field of Technology regarding networking and accessories. On this occasion Astragraphia also provided scholarships for 8 best performing children during the final assessment of the program, the scholarship was given for a full year. It is hoped that with the scholarships provided, these children can be more motivated to continue learning and certainly help ease the cost of their education. In addition, the subsidiary AGIT also provided a briefing on competencies in the Institute of Manufacturing Polytechnic Vocational Higher Education (Polman) Astra regarding data science and Bina Nusantara University (Binus) with Information Systems and Computer Science majors related to information technology, regarding:

  • Transaction Processing Systems
  • Functional Area Information Systems
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning overview

The number of students exposed was 1200 students with details of 600 Polman Astra students and 600 students from Binus University which were conducted in 4 meetings during 2019.

3. Blood Donation, a routine activity held by Astragraphia with PMI every year is carried out 4 times. In 2019, this activity was attended by 163 employees & employees of Astragraphia, with a total of 293 blood bags (102.5 liters of blood).

4. Other Forms of Donation. Astagraphia routinely gives donations to the surrounding community for their activities which are given once a month, as well as donations in the form of sacrificial animals.

Communication regarding anti-corruption policies and procedures in the company, as well as training on anti-corruption

Astragraphia applies business ethics, which includes a prohibition on gift giving, this is stated in the Company Regulations book which is distributed to every employee in the Prohibition During Working Relations, chapter 23. In addition there is also a company code of ethics posted on the Astragraphia website, namely the commitment of Astragraphia and its employees not to give or receive from customers rewards or gifts (which are substantial) that can influence decision making.


Impact of implementation activities

Astragraphia's CSR activities which focus on increasing access to education for Indonesian children are expected to be able to open wider opportunities for them to achieve a better future, creating a smart and prosperous future generation.