Employment, Environment, Health and Work Safety (LK3)


Astragraphia recognizes Occupational Health and Safety as important and is one of the main factors in the success of the Company's operational activities. The objective of managing the Environment, Safety and Health at Work (LK3) is to provide protection for employees so they can work comfortably and productivity can be increased. Certification To support the goals of LK3 and environmental management and to ensure continuous improvement, Astragraphia adopts and applies the LK3 Management System certification, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.


Astra Green Company

As part of the Astra Group, Astragraphia applies the Astra Green Company (AGC) as an EHS management system to monitor the achievement of the company's performance towards meeting various EHS management requirements and the environment in the workplace, including laws and national and international standards.
LK3 performance measurements are carried out using green strategy, process, product, employee, criterion achievement and regulatory compliance assessment criteria. Evaluation is carried out in stages through Corporate Assessment, Group Assessment and Self-Assessment, to ensure implementation in accordance with existing guidelines.


Action Plans Defined by Management in the LK3 Field

Supporting energy saving and saving the environment, the Astragraphia in 2020 established 2 (two) main programs, namely:
1. Efficient use of energy by using LED lights
2. Utilization of wastewater by building simple wastewater treatment at the head office



Gender Equality and Employment Opportunity Policy

Astragraphia upholds the value of gender equality in providing employment opportunities starting from the recruitment process to providing employee welfare structures. In the recruitment process, Astragraphia considers the qualifications needed in positions or positions that are filled and not based on the religion, race, ethnicity, or gender of prospective employees.
Gender equality policies also apply in providing career development opportunities. The promotion is given if the employee shows the results of performance appraisal and good competence and is able to meet the qualifications of the position to be filled. The existence of a gender equality policy is a form of company concern for employees to avoid discrimination in the work environment.


Work Facilities and Safety

In terms of general health and welfare, all Astragraphia employees have the right to benefits related to their position, regional placement index, marriage, childbirth, religious holidays, meals, transportation, health care, hospital fees, glasses, and grief. As Astragraphia's commitment in occupational health and safety, the Astragraphia Board of Directors formed a team of Health, Safety and Environmental Management Committee (P2K3L Team). Astragraphia has also obtained OHSAS certification which is a standard for the implementation of occupational health and safety in the Astragraphia company.


Occupational Health and Safety Certification

Regarding work safety, Astragraphia complies with Law No. 1 of 1970 concerning Work Safety, which considers that every worker has the right to receive protection for his safety in doing work for the welfare of life and to increase national production and productivity. The principles of Occupational Safety and Health are always applied by Astragraphia.


Employee Turnover Rate

Throughout 2019, the turnover rate of Astragraphia employees can be said to be controlled and relatively below the turnover rate of similar industries. This is also supported by the company's commitment to promote the development of competencies and employee welfare so that HR productivity can be maintained.


Work Accident Rate

During 2019 there were no work accidents in the Astragraphia work area. In order to prevent and overcome accidents in the work area, Astragraphia routinely conducts emergency response training activities for each employee. Astragraphia has standard dress procedures for certain functions, including customer engineers on duty in the field, including bags for carrying devices that are safe and do not fall easily. Astragraphia also installed safety signs and instructions at work sites in several easily readable places to guide so that potential workplace accidents do not occur.


Education and / or training

Astragraphia organizes education and training for its employees. This is an effort to improve the competency of human resources owned. Thus it can increase employee productivity and provide the best service to customers. The types of training provided include: orientation programs for new employees, internal and external certification programs, and management training programs.


Remuneration Policy

Astragraphia provides wages according to Government regulations, which is above the minimum standards that apply in all Astragraphia offices in various cities. The increase in wages is given at the beginning of the year to all employees taking into account several aspects, including the inflation rate stated by the government, while the total annual income of employees including bonuses, is determined based on the results of the employee's performance evaluation.

The performance evaluation process includes the preparation of performance plans and targets, periodic monitoring of achievements, coaching and counseling by superiors, evaluation of achievement results and determination of rewards and punishment as a consequence of the resulting performance. All of these activities refer to the following basic policies:

• Individual Performance Planning
At the beginning of the year, each employee is required to prepare an Individual Performance Plan (RKK) based on the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for the relevant work unit. At the end of the year, the RKK is used as a basis for performance evaluation.

• Performance evaluation
Performance evaluation is carried out by assessing aspects of the work process and work results. Whereas for employees who have subordinates, coupled with aspects of people management, which evaluates the ability of employees to foster subordinates.

• Coaching and Counseling
The coaching and counseling process is carried out regularly by superiors to subordinates, so that it can help employees improve performance, develop themselves according to career plans, detect early potential problems, and foster good relationships between superiors and subordinates.


Labor Complaints Mechanism

Complaints and complaints from employees are resolved fairly and as quickly as possible through direct supervisors and / or through the Human Capital Management Division. Complaints and complaints can be made verbally or in writing and in person through the facilities available on the Astragraphia internal web portal.


Quantitative Impact of Social Responsibility Activities for LK3

The implementation of emergency response training activities routinely carried out by Astragraphia has an impact on zero workplace accidents in 2019. In addition, by implementing policies and programs to save electricity and water use, Astragraphia is able to reduce electricity usage by 12.23% and decrease water use by 6.38% compared to the previous year .