Document Solution

Document Solution business segment is run directly by Astragraphia. For its operational implementation, be it sales or after-sales procedure are done by our branches and service points (depo) and partners. This business segment has been developed since Astragraphia started its business by doing the partnership with Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. in Japan. The journey of this business segment started by providing office supplies such as photocopy machine, facsimile, paper shredder, etc.

In line with the development of technology and the increase demand from customers, Document Solutions business segment has transformed from a hardware-based service to a solution-based service in Document Solution scope and information technology that includes all document cycle aspects, from document input (scan, create, capture), document management (index, store, archive, and distribute) to document output (scan, copy, print, fax, view). Document Solution business segment is supported by the Document Solution-based portfolio, which are:

1.    Enterprise Document Solution (EDS) portfolio market digital multi-function devices (Multi-Function Device / MFD) for office scale – be it small, medium, or big. EDS also offers Print Management, Workflow Management & Cost Recovery solutions that support higher work productivity and cost efficiency in customers.

The main pillar of EDS is the Fuji Xerox digital multi-function devices – monochrome and color – that consists of DocuCentre series and ApeosPort. DocuCentre series offers printing, scan, fax, and photocopy service with monochrome and color print quality. While the ApeosPort has an additional advantage with integrated business network and document management system. Besides the digital multi-function devices, EDS also has software portfolio, Document Management System, which supports digital document management for the customers.

2.    Graphic Communications Service (GCS) is Astragraphia’s business portfolio that offers Fuji Xerox product solutions for document printing in production-scale.

GCS solutions have a high-speed digital printing characteristic with huge print capacity. Fuji Xerox Production Machine has the best printing quality in its class, especially for color printing or monochrome, with laser or inkjet technology. GCS portfolio offers many printing production variants. In color variant, there’s a digital Color Press product with light production color, entry production color, to high production color scale. While for the monochrome variant, there are high volume, printing system, and publishing system category.

3.    Printer Channel Business (PCB) business portfolio focuses on Fuji Xerox laser printer product with Single Function Printer and Multi-Function Printer, be it monochrome or color. To optimally develop the market, this printer-based business is integrated with Information and Communication Technology. In order to support all product sales, PCB offers consumables needs for the printer. PCS has two distribution categories, which are:

• Direct Sales
Marketing through Astragraphia’s staffs in branch offices throughout Indonesia to market high involvement and integrated solutions.

•    Indirect Channel
Marketing through Business Partner or Reseller that has a lot of outlets in ICT centres and companies that does online business, with retail products. The partnership also conducted with Integrator System for Information Technology projects.

4.    Industry Business Solutions and Services (IBSS) is a business portfolio of Astragraphia that offers comprehensive end-to-end document management for companies by integrating all portfolios of Astragraphia. In order to fulfill the customer’s needs, IBSS translates all solutions in Statement of Work (SOW) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is agreed upon by the customer. This project implementation was held based on Global Services Delivery Model standard. IBSS technology is fully supported by Fuji Xerox as the principal with service points throughout Indonesia.

Target industry for IBSS portfolio is the company that has a high volume of document needs such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, utility, education, manufacture, etc. IBSS business portfolio consists of Service and Solutions business line. Service business line consists of three Line of Business (LoB), which are: Xerox Office Services (XOS), Document Outsourcing & Communication Services (DOCS), Business Process Services (BPS). On the Solutions business line that IBSS has is Customer Communication Management (CCM). CCM solution is a solution that helps the company to minimalize work flow with marketing communication. CCM solution accommodate variety of channels such as print medias, SMS, email, and social media in one system that makes it easier for company to manage document output.

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