Four Special Color from Fuji Xerox Iridesse Makes Print Result Much More Stunning

PrintArt, a printing office located at Jalan Cempaka No.65-A, Padang Bulan, Senapelan, Sukajadi, Pekanbaru, Riau, recently installed Fuji Xerox Iridesse production press machine.

The owner of the company, Mr. Sarwie or commonly called Pak Awie (born December 8, 1953), although with the educational background to junior high school only, but the knowledge of autodiskin make him as a private company Electrical Engineering from 1976 to 1982. And in 1983, Mr. Awie develops his own business in the field of printing.


Now the business of Pak Awie Printing is growing big. It could be said the biggest in Pekanbaru. Print Art now has approximately 60 employees with a fairly complete fleet of machines, both offset and digital printing. Among them are 2 units of Heidelberg SM 52/4 Offset printing machine, 1 unit Offset Heidelberg SX 74/2 printing machine, 3 units Offset Heidelberg GTO 52/2 printing machine, Large format Indoor & Outdoor Digital Printing machine, Fuji Xerox Production Machine DC9000, Fuji Xerox Production C800 Machine, and Fuji Xerox Production Iridesse Machine. The editor gets the opportunity to interview the owner of this printing business, to get his opinions including the choice of new machine, Fuji Xerox Iridesse.

Can you outline the vision of the future mission of PrintArt?

Print Art strives to keep up with the times, because the printing trend of the 80s is very different from the current trend. Our printshop always follows the trend of digital printing technology, so every result of our prints can be accepted by the public from various circles.

How is the print condition in your area? Future Prospects and Market Opportunities?

I see the opportunity of printing market in Pekanbaru is very big. PrintArt always wants to give the best for consumers. This is one reason why we finally chose the Fuji Xerox Iridesse.

Are there any expansive business development plans to other areas?

PrintArt focuses on the market or market in Pekanbaru. Because the opportunity here is still quite large. We try to improvise in order to maintain the satisfaction of our customers who need a high quality print.

What are your technical reasons for choosing Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press?

When I saw this Iridesse machine, I feel that this Fuji Xerox digital machine can answer the current market trend. 4 color special color of her that make print result far more riveting. We at Print Art dare invested in four special colors as well as Gold Dry-ink, Silver Dry-ink, Clear Dry-ink, and also White Dry-ink.

In addition to producing this metallic color, the most I like is the Iridesse machine can do long banner printing up to size 330 x 1200 mm (standard). In addition, we see a good after sales service from Astragraphia. We hold the promise of support personnel from Astragraphia from sales, customer service, and technicians. All provide quick and good support. Therefore, all digital printing machines in Print Art are branded Fuji Xerox from Astragraphia.

Your opinion about the trend of the printing industry in the future?

The creative industry is promising and certainly needs to be supported with good quality machines as well. We at Print Art strive to keep abreast of dethe sign and creative industries.

"... we saw a good after sales service from Astragraphia. We hold the promise of support personnel from Astragraphia from sales, customer service, and technicians. All provide quick and good support. "


Joko Purwono (Owner of Ideadigi Printing)

"Astragraphia has Excellent After-Sales Service System”



Ideadigi now has 15 employees and continues to grow into an influential digital printing in Sidoarjo.

In this edition, the editorial conducted an interview with one of the loyal customers of Print Graphic Magazine, namely Mr. Joko Purwono, owner of Ideadigi Media Pratama printing, Sidoarjo. Joko Purwono himself was born in Lamongan, March 25, 1975, the father of two children, telling how he can plunge into the print world of printing after college.

Can you tell me the background of your printing business?

This business we pioneered in mid-2007 with capitalizing the outdoor machine 1 unit. Due to capital limitations, we are trying to maximize the existing machines. Gradually, the digital printing market is getting bigger, while there are still a few digital printing players in Sidoarjo area then, we decided to expand market share to indoor print by adding eco-solvent machine. In our opinion it fits perfectly with the character of our consumers who do a lot of indoor work, the demand is almost equal to outdoor.

In 2010, many big digital printing players came into our area, so the competition got harder. Competitors offer a complete service. Outdoor, indoor and printed A3 + paper. At that time we were just as spectators for the A3 + print sector because again, the limitations of capital. Beginning in 2014 we are trying to enliven the A3 + market by installing the Fuji Xerox C75 engine and for the B / W machine using Fuji Xerox DocuCentre II 5010. Although it is a bit late, we have to take the opportunity to enter the A3 + print market.

We are greatly helped by the growth of SMEs in our area so that the A3 + market is getting crowded, even with the consequences of reduced profit margins. With the increasing volume of incoming prints exceeding our engine capacity, so at the beginning of 2017, we added a family of A3 + machines by installing the Fuji Xerox C800i engine. In the same year, we also added family members to B / W machine with Fuji Xerox D125.

Sidoarjo as one of main city and supported by distance which is not too far with Surabaya, then the printing business condition. Price must be competitive, service must be fast and quality must be good. So the entrepreneurs of digital printing should always update on the latest machine technology, and quality.


Future Prospects and Market Opportunities?


As an industrial and main city of Surabaya, Sidoarjo is growing rapidly and has good prospects for digital printing business. Begin the construction of many apartments and business centers that require partners to produce reliable promotional materials in terms of quality and timeliness of production.

City development and public awareness to entrepreneurship impact on the mushrooming of SMEs who are always creative to market their products. Here is a challenge for digital printing players to always innovate and maintain the quality of products and services.


Looks like you are being fanatical of Fuji Xerox. What is your reason for choosing Fuji Xerox C800i printing machine?


From the technical side, Fuji Xerox has a brand that is strong enough in terms of engine endurance and print quality results. I chose the C800i because it has a heavy duty machine character so that time is required to complete a lot of work with a short time and stabilityresults, this machine is still reliable.

In terms of after sales, Astragraphia has a pretty good system so that service in one day service and the availability of parts can be relied upon.

In terms of price, it is quite expensive compared with the brand competitors and production costs (click charge) is also more expensive than competitors. But overall, for me not a problem because it is covered with service as well as the quality of the engine and results.


In addition to Fuji Xerox, can be described other printing machines and finishing machines that have been owned?

Taimes T8 Km1024, Flora KM 512i (Outdoor), Textile Machine Direct Print Taimes TX 1800 KM512i (Textile),

Roland VS 640, Epson Surecolor S60670 (Eco-solvent and for our Finishing, Mohr Polar Paper Cutting Machine, 35cm Heat Lamination (3 Units), Binding Machines, Spiral Machines, Trimer RS, manual cold laminate, hot & cold automatic lamination machine Fayon 1.6.

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