TOKYO, June 11, 2009 – A high-resolution LED (light-emitting diode) print head developed by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. won The Imaging Society of Japan’s Technology Award yesterday. The LED print head with self-scanning light emitting device is incorporated into Fuji Xerox’s color multifunction devices and color printers. 

The development of a 1,200 dpi self-scanning LED together with a dedicated ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) has overcome the issues presented by conventional LED print heads and also has realized high resolution. The Imaging Society of Japan, in presenting the award, recognized the contribution of Fuji Xerox’s LED print head to the advancement of electrophotographic technology.

LED print heads require neither a polygon mirror nor the motor to rotate the mirror, which enables a size reduction as well as noiseless operation. While they have such advantages, conventional LED print heads had difficulty in realizing higher image quality due to numerous light-emitting elements, which cause fluctuations in the amount of light resulting in unevenness in color density.

Fuji Xerox has responded to these issues by developing a 1,200 dpi, high-resolution self-scanning light-emitting device (SLED*1) along with a technology, DELCIS*2, which enables precise integrated control of all light-emitting elements by a single high-performance ASIC. Furthermore, Fuji Xerox adopted lenses with uniform optical characteristics to create a simple-structure, high-resolution LED print head (1,200 x 2,400 dpi) (Figure 1), which has realized downsizing as well as high-quality images equal or superior to those produced via laser raster output scanner (ROS) systems. 


  1. Self-Scanning Light Emitting Device: A device that can emit light in sequence from its elements.
  2. Digitally Enhanced Lighting Control Imaging System: An LED exposure control technology that uses proprietary SLEDs. Highly precise correction of the amount of light is achieved by ASIC’s integrated control of all SLEDs, resulting in a high resolution of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. DELCIS is a registered trademark in Japan.


Fuji Xerox first incorporated this LED print head in four models of its full-color digital multifunction devices launched in November 2007 (ApeosPort-III C3300/C2200, DocuCentre-III C3300/C2200), and later in key products such as the color printer DocuPrint C2250 as well as the full-color digital multifunction devices ApeosPort-III C3305 and C2205 launched in November 2008.