Indonesian BBM Money Service Launches for BB10 Platform and  Wins Best Emerging Payment Award

Jakarta, 10 December 2013 - PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR) announced today that PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia - the joint venture company of its subsidiary, PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT), and Monitise - has released a new version of its BBM Money application for the BB10 platform.

ASGR also announces that BBM Money has been named the global winner of the Best Peer to Peer Programme at the Emerging Payment Awards, held in London, UK. The category recognises the best live P2P payment programmes and innovations around the world. It was open to any type of solution - whether based on an open loop or closed network, and across cards, mobile, or online.

The launch of BBM Money was first announced in February 2013. The service is issued and managed by PermataBank, and provides consumers the ability to create and access a mobile money account from their smartphone and make real-time payments to their BBM contacts who are also signed up to the service. The AGIT Monitise-developed service can also be used to buy mobile airtime and electricity credit; transfer money to bank accounts; pay bills, and make cardless cash withdrawals using PermataBank's network of ATM machines.

Lukito Dewandaya, President Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk, said, "We are delighted that BBM Money has continued to innovate and offer new functionalities to its users, and that PT AGIT Monitise has been named Best Peer to Peer programme given the level of competition it faced. The award confirms the service, the first mobile money solution in the world using BBM, is innovative and has outstanding potential for growth."

Commenting on the award win, Bianto Surodjo, Head of Wealth Management, Retail Liabilities and E-channel at PermataBank, said: "It is fantastic to see that BBM Money has expanded to the BB10 platform and now won this prestigious Emerging Payment Award. PermataBank is committed to providing innovative financial solutions to its customers. The middle classes and small to medium sized businesses in Indonesia are experiencing rapid growth and both of these customer segments rely on a fast, convenient and secure payment channel. By collaborating with our partners, we believe that BBM Money has great potential to be a leading player for mobile payments in Indonesia."

Maspiyono Handoyo, Managing Director at BlackBerry Indonesia, said, "We congratulate PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia on being named the global winner in the Peer To Peer program category at Emerging Payment Awards for BBM Money. We are delighted that BlackBerry 10 customers in Indonesia can now enjoy mobile money services using BBM Money. We thank our partners like PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia for their continued innovation on the BlackBerry 10 platform, and the added value this brings BlackBerry customers. We are committed to providing the richest, most engaging mobile experiences for our loyal BlackBerry customers across Indonesia."

Monitise Chief Information Officer Mike Keyworth added: "We are delighted that BBM Money has been globally recognised as a winner amid such strong competition from other innovative brands. This is yet another example of the power of partnerships that Monitise champions as it works to help its partners make money totally mobile around the world. The service was built and deployed by members of our team from around the world working to launch a truly unique, mass-market innovation. Indonesia is an incredibly exciting market for mobile money and provided the perfect environment for BBM Money."

An overview of winners from the night can be viewed here:

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