Fuji Xerox Unveils its First Corporate Identity Change in 13 Years

TOKYO, March 18, 2008 - Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. today unveiled the new corporate identity (CI), which it will apply from April 1, 2008. With this change, the company proclaims that it commits to supporting customers´ businesses globally as a partner who finds the right answer for their business issues, and continues to expand its business areas to achieve further growth. 

The new corporate logo is less formal and more lively reflecting Fuji Xerox´s customer-centric approach to address customers´ business issues that are becoming more complicated while its businesses are expanding covering from traditional office market to service and publishing areas. 

The new Fuji Xerox logo is in vibrant red alongside a symbol, "sphere of connectivity", bringing up the image of "global", which represents the company´s close connections to customers, partners, industry as well as society. 

The transformation is the first CI change in 13 years* since Fuji Xerox introduced the current corporate logo "THE DOCUMENT COMPANY - FUJI XEROX" in 1995. All Fuji Xerox affiliates including domestic sales subsidiaries and overseas affiliates in the Asia-Pacific region will introduce the new corporate logo. The logo change has been applied in the US and European countries and regions since January this year. With Fuji Xerox now adopting the new corporate identity, Xerox is projecting a unified brand around the world, reflecting the connectivity of its global business. 

Fuji Xerox keeps evolving. As the Japan and Asia-Pacific leader in the document management field, it provides customers with best-suited services and solutions contributing not only to cost reduction and higher productivity but also to new value creation and business growth. Collaborating closely with Xerox Corporation´s global operations, Fuji Xerox supports customers worldwide offering the industry´s broadest portfolio of document technology and service. 

* In 2002, the proportion of "THE DOCUMENT COMPANY" and "FUJI XEROX" was changed to enlarge the corporate name, "FUJI XEROX". 

Background and Implementation Plan
1. Background of the new CI introduction
 Fuji Xerox´s businesses have been dramatically changing. To the traditionally priority area, the office market, it proposes establishment of a corporate infrastructure information system using network-capable digital multifunction devices that are connected to the customer´s mission-critical system. In addition to providing basic functions such as copying and printing, Fuji Xerox helps customers create an environment where they can tackle business challenges that go beyond improving efficiency, labor-saving and cost reduction. 

In its growing business area, the Production Services field (publishing/digital printing businesses), the company offers not only high-speed printers that ensure quick turn around and mass printing, but also new business models and marketing communication know-how leveraging variable printing. 

Further, Fuji Xerox has been vigorously expanding a new business area, Global Services, which offers outsourcing services focusing on management and output of documents that are customers´ valuable business asset. Collaborating with Xerox Corporation, Fuji Xerox provides worldwide support to meet customers´ demands in their business environments that are becoming increasingly globalized. Such transformation of the company´s businesses resulted in the CI change, to create a new image as well as to demonstrate that Fuji Xerox is entering a new growth stage and is a customer-centric company. 

2. About the new corporate logo
Inseparably combined with a sphere-shaped symbol called "sphere of connectivity," which symbolizes partnerships with customers and society as well as global brand image, the new corporate logo is designed with soft, curved lines to emphasize close relations and affinity with customers and society. It is in a vibrant "Xerox red" representing innovative changes, enterprising spirit, vigor and dynamism that reflect Fuji Xerox´s business. The new design is the culmination of nearly two years of global research that Xerox Corporation conducted with its employees, customers and partners.

Implementation plan 
Effective April 1, 2008, Fuji Xerox will start changing the logo on communication materials including its official Web site, business cards, and key signage in order of priority, covering all Fuji Xerox companies in Japan as well as the Asia-Pacific region