Astragraphia achieves The Most Trustworthy and The Best Company in Service, Trade and Investment

Jakarta, Desember 2006

PT Astra Graphia Tbk. (Astragraphia) once again claims its superior quality in the Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) Award 2005, organized by The Indonesian Institute For Corporate Governance (IICG) in cooperation with SWA Magazine on Desember 11, 2006 by receiving 2 awards, as The Most Trustworthy Company in "Trustworthiness Category", dan The Best Public Company in the sector of Trade, Service and Investment in the "Best Category". The total score achieved was 78,33 comprising self assessment (questionaire), concept presentation in writing, document realization and observation on GCG practice. 

The achievement proves the high consistency and commitment from Astragraphia in implementing GCG, especially in the participation in CGPI from 2001. this ofcourse due to the full support from the whole management and employees, experienced in fulfilling GCG practices in their decisions whether in business or internal affairs. 

For Astragraphia, the achievement is a plus point from all GCG implementation. The real gain is the well-managed and efficient company performance, resulting in larger profit, which means a larger potential in sharing its dividend.