Astragraphia and SOS Children's Villages Indonesia Held Phase II of Workbook Program, The Realization of Commitment to Education of Indonesia

Children are valuable assets as well as the future bearers of a nation. So, it is not excessive if the State should ensure the rights of children can be met equally, both in terms of growth and development, access to facilities that child friendly to educational facilities. Astragraphia as a company committed to assist the state in providing its services to the quality of education in Indonesia again continued the Workbook Phase II program, to distribute 3,500 books containing creative educational content. This is in harmony with the corporate culture that wants to give the valuable to the nation and life.

The Workbook Phase II is still done by cooperating with SOS Children's Village Indonesia. This time the activity is done in the area of Lembang, West Bandung regency. With the support of the cool weather, this Workbook social event was opened with training for kindergarten and early childhood teachers, guided by professional facilitators from SOS Children's Village Indonesia.

With the printing of this creative book content, it is hoped that Astragraphia will continue to provide creative teaching tools and can be useful for the growth of pre-school age children, so they can play while learning to improve their psychomotor skills.

Similar activities will still continue in the next year, as the final phase of the Workbook, to fulfill the 10,000 creative content books targeted.