Document Solution

Astragraphia directly operates Document Solutions, offering both sales and after-sales services through a network of branches, depots, and partners. With the full support of Japan based Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. as the main principal, Astragraphia has since 1971 developed this business segment, by expanding the distribution of office equipment such as photocopiers, facsimile machines, document shredders, and complementary products.

Alongside the development of technology and changing consumer demand, Astragraphia has transformed from being just a supplier of hardware-based services into a comprehensive solution-based services provider in Document and Information Technology Solutions. Services now cover every aspect of the document cycle: from document inputs (scan, create, capture) and document management (index, store, archive, distribute) to document outputs (scan, copy, print, fax, view). Document Solutions segment was supported by portfolio based on the supply of document solutions, as follows: Office Product Business (OPB), providing offices, from the departmental to corporate levels, document handling solutions with multifunction equipment (scanners, copy machines, printers, and faxes) with the ability to print monochrome and color documents, supported by integrated document management software. Production Service Business (PSB), providing Document Solutions in short-run production scales using digital printing technology.

Printer Channel Business (PCB), providing Document Solutions based on multifunction laser printers with low-to-moderate printing speed and monochrome or color printing, including the provision of printer accessories, after-sales services, computers and peripherals for both personal and institutional purposes.

FX Global Services (FXGS), providing solutions that integrate all products and services of Document Solutions portfolio, as well as Outsourcing Solutions for document management and optimization. For further information, please visit